Terms & Conditions

Welcome to music lessons at Fairfield School of Music. Please read the following information carefully as this constitutes your enrolment with us. We hope you enjoy learning your chosen instrument.

Lessons are conducted in the purpose-built studio in Fairfield. The studio is equipped with appropriate instrumental equipment and has all the resources of a modern studio including computer aided software, access to a wide range of text and printed music, compact disc recordings, midi files, acrobat files and research material. Students can expect that they will be given such resources to assist them in their learning of their chosen instrument.

Each individual lesson is scheduled in half hour blocks and held weekly. Students will be allotted a weekly lesson time in which to attend their lesson, which will remain consistent throughout the year. If your schedule changes during the year and you are unable to take lessons at your original time, your change of lesson will be limited to what is available at this time. Your original time will not be reserved if you switch to another time. Should you take an extended leave of absence you will be required to reschedule a new time upon your return.

Students are expected to attend all term lessons. The studio remains open over the holidays, however there may be changes in timetable to accommodate reduced attendance. Non-examination students are not expected to attend lessons during school holidays although this can represent the most productive time for lessons as the pressure of school, its associated homework and assignments is relieved. All examination students are expected to attend all holiday lessons. You will be asked two weeks prior to the terms end to indicate whether you / your child will be in attendance over the holidays.

To assist the quality of learning for the other students in lessons, please arrive on time and wait quietly in the reception area for your teacher. In the interest of those that come after you, unfortunately allowances cannot be made for lateness. Late arriving students will effectively receive a shorter lesson. Students and parents are asked to be punctual. Please do not bring food or drink into our studio.

Whilst all care is taken, Fairfield School of Music accepts no responsibility for any personal injury, damage or loss to personal belongings. All students are to have their named clearly marked on their books and instruments. Parents and students will be made liable for any damage to studio property and belongings.

Payment is accepted by cash.
Please be advised that credit is not offered under any circumstances.
Failure to pay for your lesson at the time of receipt will incur a $10.00 penalty payable at the following week’s lesson (together with the outstanding lesson fee).

Fairfield School of Music operates from:
Monday – Friday 3.30pm – 8.30pm
Saturday 9.30am – 6.00pm.

You may contact your teacher during these times. FAIRFIELD SCHOOL OF MUSIC has a full answering machine service, which allows students to leave messages 24 hours a day. Please leave a clear message with your name and your teachers name so that the appropriate message can be passed on. All messages are time and date stamped.
You can call us on 02 9724 1111

If students are unable to attend their scheduled lessons, notification must be received by 9.00am on the day prior to the scheduled lesson. Please telephone the studio direct (and not individual teachers). Please leave a message should the telephone be unattended. Failure to notify the studio of your inability to attend or late notification of your inability will incur the full lesson fee charge, which will be due at the commencement of the next lesson.