Practise & learning

Music is a language and like any language there are many basics which must be mastered prior to advancing to more complex applications. During a course of study, with all students, the approach to teaching is to develop a love and understanding of music. Students are encouraged to develop skills in all areas of music playing including technique, sight reading, aural awareness as well as performance - all in a progressive fashion. Students are encouraged to sit for examinations however there is no pressure to do so.

Sufficient scheduled practice time on a daily basis is the surest guarantee that you, or your child, will experience consistent progress. Learning the necessary skills to become proficient in your chosen instrument will not occur by simply going to the lessons - It takes committed practice on a daily basis during the week to put skills covered at the lesson into motion.

In order to achieve maximum benefit from weekly lessons students must be prepared to allocate a period of time to practise each day. It is expected that students will practise regularly and prepare lessons as assigned. Parents are responsible and should assist the student to arrange a regular practise time free from interruptions and distractions. Practise times will vary for each student dependant on their level however all homework will be clearly specified by the teacher.

Parents of young students may need to encourage and/or prompt students to practice from time to time. It should be noted that practice should not be seen as a chore; it is simply an extension of the music lesson. As much as possible try and sit in on practice sessions and become familiar with the names of the pieces your child is playing and perhaps ask them to play particular pieces for you. It is great encouragement for a child when parents ask to hear them play, know their pieces by name and are familiar with their progress.

Although this is a private piano studio, and is not affiliated with any school, it is no less an educational institution--and must be regarded as such. It is the position of this studio that music lessons are to be treated with the same level of importance as any other subject your child may be studying in school. It is also the position of this music studio that sporting events and other extracurricular activities are not considered valid excuses for not practicing during the week.

As an instructor of music, we would no more accept this reasoning than any other teacher at an educational institution. Please respect our curriculum and our commitment to your child's musical education by maintaining a priority level for music studies equal to that of other school subjects - regard it as a "private extension" of academics that would otherwise be unavailable to your child.

In studying music each student is required to bring the appropriate books to their lesson as requested by their teacher. Guitarists and violinists will be required to bring their own instrument to lessons each week. It is essential for the student’s progress as well as the financial benefit of lessons that a suitable instrument be available for the student to practise on. For advice on brands, costs etc please see speak to your teacher or see Sam at Musicians Avenue, Shop 7/ 36 Ware St Fairfield Ph: 9755 9999.