CPM & AMEB Exams

What are AMEB & CPM Exams?

AMEB stands for "Australian Music Examinations Board". This is a government certified education program design for students wishing to take music examinations outside of their regular educational institute.

Although these exams are not compulsory, we encourage all students to consider participating in an examination program. Besides being an excellent way for parents to grade their child's performance and development, it also is a wonderful self esteem builder for your child.

The AMEB provides a complete syllabus and assessment program with a repertoire that ranges from classical to contemporary.

The AMEB offers two types of exams, the first simply being called AMEB, which is more classically based, and the second being the CPM series which deals with more contemporary musical styles.

The AMEB has a proud heritage of musical education and achievement which extends back to 1887. More than 100 years later, it's still this expertise and experience which makes the AMEB unique.

Their extensive resources mean that they are able to offer assessment from the beginning level to diploma level. Each AMEB examiner is a recognised authority with an established career as a professional performer or educator, and all examiners undergo extensive training in AMEB assessment methods. Students benefit from being examined by accomplished musicians who understand the special characteristics and techniques associated with their instrument.

The AMEB examination process has been carefully designed so that all results remain confidential. A computerised enrolment system issues each student with a personalised examination number, and examinations are organised at independent, conveniently located centres in each country.

Students are assessed in Performance, Technical Work, General Knowledge, Aural, Improvisation and Sight Reading.

The Fairfield School of Music offers AMEB exams for the following:

  • Theory of Music
  • Musicianship and Music Craft
  • Keyboard Instruments: Piano, Electronic Organ, Organ
  • String Instruments: Violin
  • Classical Guitar
  • Singing

The Fairfield School of Music offers CPM exams for the following:

  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Keyboard
  • Vocal

The FAIRFIELD SCHOOL OF MUSIC offers students the opportunity to sit for Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) examinations. Parents are reminded that examinations are not a teaching method but simply a gauge of progress against thousands of students across Australia.

Some students work better with examinations than others. Please discuss with your teacher if you wish for your child to sit for examinations as they will not automatically be attempted each year. Students wishing to attempt exams against teacher’s advice must enter privately.

Gradings do vary from examiner to examiner and results are not always predictable. In some cases students will fail to achieve the results desired or receive undeservedly expected results, Fairfield School of Music does not accept the ultimate responsibility.

For more detailed information about examinations please see your teacher.